Everyone has a role to play – what's yours?

#ID24 returns! We had so much fun in June that we decided that we couldn't wait an entire year to do another one so once again, The Paciello Group is proud to host #ID24 on 16 November 2017!

Inclusive Design 24 celebrates efforts worldwide to ensure people with disabilities have full and equal access to the web. To this end, we will be holding 24 completely free one-hour webinars on all things accessibility. The sessions range from beginner to advanced and are aimed at everyone from executives to web developers.


The focus for #ID24 is levelling up – taking your skills and knowledge beyond the basics and beyond compliance.

Thank you to all the people who submitted talk proposals. We are currently finalizing the schedule. Watch this space for a full rundown of planned presentations, as well as instructions on how to virtually attend our free event.

Selected speakers will be notified on 25 September 2017.
Have any questions? Why not drop us an email at id24@paciellogroup.com


Supported by Barclays

Barclays is a Transatlantic Consumer, Corporate and Investment bank with an ambition to become the most accessible and inclusive company in the FTSE100.

Building accessibility awareness and technical expertise across its workforce is a core part of Barclays strategy to meet its ambition. Inclusive Design 24 provides an excellent opportunity to do this. Speaking about their involvement, Paul Smyth (Head of IT Accessibility at Barclays) said:

ID24 has grown in reach and impact over recent years and we’re really proud to be supporting this brilliant global event. We recognise the need to move the accessibility agenda away from being solely focused on compliance and checklists towards being much more rounded, user focused and experience led. We believe this means that we need an accessibility community with a hybrid skill-set – of technical expertise, ability to deliver change and confidence and curiosity in consulting with diverse users. If professionals grow holistic skills and if organisations shift their accessibility mind-set beyond compliance, we can design excellent, accessible and inclusive experiences. ID24 provides a great opportunity for everyone to engage and learn more about a broad range of accessibility and inclusive design topics.

Follow Barclays dedicated Twitter account for tweets about accessibility and disability issues at @BarclaysAccess.